A blank canvas

This month I have been really inspired with the process of painting and creating textures, artwork and pictures from nothing but a blank canvas. The idea of taking a blank canvas and turning it into something else entirely is really inspiring and exciting. We have been swapping our computer mouses for paint brushes of late and have been having a great time going back to basics to create something completely unique and slightly raw around the edges. Hopefully this is a new habit that we can keep up!



Image credits: Untitled (Plaster Positive) by Anthony Pearson (Image 1), Port Phillip Estate in Brand & Identity by Studio Round (Image 2), Abstract by Kathleen Sayer (Image 3 & 6), Unknown source (Image 4), Klas Ernflo (Image 5), Jérôme Karsenti (Image 7 & 9) and Untitled by Cy Twombly  (Image 8).