Floral ice cubes

TPR is getting married! Well, half of The Print Room team is getting married… the other half has been married for over 30 years which is also something to celebrate! So to mark this joyous occasion, we have a beautiful new DIY project to share with you all which is sure to impress and add a special touch to your next occasion. These gorgeous floral ice cubes are so easy to make and honestly look stunning.

Whitney & Peta

Here is what you will need:

  • Edible flowers (Roses/ Pansies / Violas/ Marigolds)
  • Ice cube trays
  • Distilled water (or boiled water which has cooled)

To make the beautiful floral ice cubes:

1. Pick off all of your petals and collect in a bowl. Note, the smaller petals work best as they allow the water to surround them which makes for a better shaped ice cube.

2. Wash your petals in cold water

3. Place the washed petals into your ice cube trays and fill the trays 1/3 of the way with your distilled or cooled boiled water. The distilled or cooled boiling water helps to make the ice cubes clearer so that you can see the flower petals. Tap water seems to freeze quite cloudy.

4. Place the ice cubes in the freezer and allow to freeze. This helps to hold the petals in place as they will float if you fill the trays to the top on the first go.

5. Once these 1/3 ice cubes have frozen, fill the rest of the try up with your distilled/ cooled boiled water. You will have to work quickly so that the ice does not melt. If the petals start to float, gently keep pushing them down. Once full, return the trays to the freezer to complete.

Voilà! Enjoy!

2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-2 2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-3 2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-4 2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-5 2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-6 2016.03.04---Flower-ice-cubes-7