A blank canvas

This month I have been really inspired with the process of painting and creating textures, artwork and pictures from nothing but a blank canvas. The idea of taking a blank canvas and turning it into something else entirely is really inspiring and exciting. We have been swapping our computer mouses for paint brushes of late and have been having a great time going back to basics to create something completely unique and slightly raw around the edges. Hopefully this is a new habit that we can keep up!



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Beautiful blooms

At the end of each month The Print Room team will be sharing their latest inspirations, interests and ideas fresh from the studio with you. It may be a project that we are working on or simply an obsession over a new favourite colour! This month we have been quite obsessed with soft pink and pastel coloured blooms. We love their gorgeous subtle colour palette and their beauty always takes our breath away! We could just stare at them all day!


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2015 gift guide No.1

We can not believe that Christmas is just over a month away! As usual, we are a bit slow to get started on our Christmas shopping so have been writing wish lists like crazy! We thought that we would combine a few of these wish lists and pull together a few gift guides to help any other stragglers out there. Here are a few of our favourite things to give as gifts this year. Details for each gift are at the bottom of the post. Happy shopping!


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Spring inspiration

We have always found Spring to be an inspiring time of year. Whether it’s because we now have summer in our sights or because we are relieved that winter is now over for another year – either way there is something exciting in the air! Here is some colour inspiration which we think sums up Spring in a nutshell – soft pastels, dreamy days and small pops of colour!

15b2bb97fa3c287263d2dce4168008a8_550pxCredit: DIY Donut Tire Prank – Studio DIY 

534383162705_Atw6Ury4_l_550pxCredit: JC SD Photography | PICDIT

4367546750402_0Gv6yJCt_l_550pxCredit: An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds – Luke Stephenson

887430048409_kxftutaC_l_550pxCredit: Munich Urban Architecture Photograph by Nick Frank

587329896176_zwuX2Cfv_l_550pxCredit: Ping Pong Rackets Design – Sofie Platou and Julie Elise Hauge

3651587852099_mSirYTsF_l_550pxCredit: Munich Urban Architecture Photograph by Nick Frank

60bf3002018d78784c4fd9a798a47294_550pxCredit: Color Morphology – André Britz from Britzpetermann 

887432108789_glwch975_l_550pxCredit: Food Art – Sarah Illenberger

1106506659001_R3XQEoGZ_l_550pxCredit: Unknown

f5d14af1da7fb3cdfcc2de2bf785ce56_RmZtwVBc_l_550pxCredit: Color Propaganda – Marco Oggian

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